American Girls

American Girls - sie haben viel drauf und haben es nicht nötig anzugeben. Herzlich, positiv und offen
American Girls – they have self-esteem, don’t need bragging, are respectful, positive and frank

In Berlin again. Undoubtedly, due to the marathon, which takes place tomorrow. The weather forecast is very good what with respect to the elite runner will not be. May be except our Anna Hahner, wanting to run 2:26. The Hahnertwins have really grown in our hearts. The glow in their faces when they discovered us, and the great joy of our meeting is sincere. A highlight, here at the press conference. I hate the most of our arrogant colleagues that we found in the PC, with the typical indifference, feeling like something better. All those who speak German behave so, as if we had never seen us before. This don’t manifests itself in such a way with our foreign colleagues. Former runners who makes now as journalists or photographers, are especially idiots – to vomit! Well, before in the sports mediocrity and now as journalists of the latter category. Therefore they need to valuing  themselves with arrogance and pomposity. It seems that devaluing us helps them also to compensate this little problem of their weak personality.

The Press-Conference itself was pretty boring. Then we went to the EXPO. Meanwhile not really a highlight for me, but with the possibility of finding acquaintances and friends, lifts my spirits. And it was so. Finally, getting hugs with fervor and the feeling of being welcome, are going better to me. Thanks all of them with all my heart. My dream (wife) had also organized a meeting with ladies of the United States, which are very important for us, because of 261 fearless. And there were already, Rosie, Maureen, Shelly and Marga. Do you know what the American have in advance to us? They are completely positive, they radiate joy and trust – as well as our twins, the  Hahnerysters. I had a great time during the meeting for two hours with them. They infected me with joy, telling of their husbands, the circumstances of their lives and it really gave me the impression that there were interested in me. At the farewell I got a firm hug with kiss on the cheek. It was a sincere affection and I am sure that I would like to see them again soon. Then we went with friends to eat at an Italian restaurant. It was pleasant and harmonious. I think that American girls had a quite positive influence on me. Not all people who speak German are as heavy as a sack of lead, only those, which are considered important by themselves. Unfortunately these types are very often in the sports and events scene.

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