Beauty running instead of performance

Honestly, I have meanwhile lost interest to write training plans for runners. I notice also that it irritates me when someone asked me „How can I get faster“. It also bothers me, when athletes constantly face me with his injuries and pains. But what bothers me most, is the crazy athletes going to many competitions. Irrespective of what kind of competition between beginners and coveted runners, I think most of them, just has not really an interest in running. Thea just feel the need to establish themselves, up to the podium and celebrating with Likies on Facebook. They need to feel big as world champions or Olympic athletes. When once I wrote about this group of athletes „you are worthless with your sporting performance“ I have garnered much criticism and hostility, yes I have been scolded even as be inhumane. I really despise these runners because they damage the sport permanently. That also put their health at risk is not acceptable to me. I love racers of all abilities with a modest personality. I admire talented and talentless runners alike, if they run on first part for the sport and not for his exaggerated ego. I am glad to see people running, exploring nature with joy and fun, recognizing the beauty with the experience of the unique movement of running.

Running technique is important


I am not against competitive sports! What happens, is that only very few people are able to exercise it in that manner. I wish much joy and satisfaction to all the people in the world and to be able to run without stress. I hope that many people discover for themselves this kind of running, that guarantees health and well-being, and I hope that addicted competition runners will soon disappear from the scene.

I would be so gladly, if runners soon would ask me „How can I learn to run beauty?“

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