Why women like gay men

Sally’s statement Better than my Friend From experience, I can say that a gay man can be the best friend in the world. My very best friend is a man. He is as gay as a gay man can be. The big advantage is that he goes shopping with me, without thinking of having sex […]

There is no past

I Have good news for you. There is no past and even no future yet. Certainly, a very bold statement! But, it’s very easy to understand: There is no past, because that’s over. There is only the present with a future that also does not exist yet, but will come. Therefore the present becomes the […]

God, Good or Evil

Good or Evil – who decides? Normally multiple instances. Americans love it to nominate  them self as the good guys. Perhaps you can argue about this, but if only one guy decides about who ist a good guy and who is a bad guy, then we have God or an delusions of grandeur. So please think about it: […]

I believe in miracles

Despite the development in Turkey, despite the occurrences in Syria, despite Brexit, despite, Austria with Strache, Hofer and co., further, despite Pegida and AFD, despite the refugee wave, despite torture and brutal violence, I believe in miracles.We will perish and revived. We will repeat the same mistakes again and again, and disappear at some point forever… I am […]

It feels RIGHT

You’re standing in the middle of the realm, no matter who or what you are, what influences penetrate or touch you – you’re standing there and you’re! What ever you do… it feels right. Straightforward loyalty – thank you life for this virtue. Thank you for the lost of doubts, whether it is right to act, […]