Letter to God

bin so müde
I’m so tired

Dear God

No, don’t panic, I don’t ask you for anything. I just want to say that I am very, very tired. You know, when I was a toddler, I had many dreams and was so trusted and innovative about my future.And now, I am so tired 50 years later. I  not suspected really how difficult that life can be. I didn’t have any idea that people can torture each other a lifetime. Starting with school, work, leisure and family. Finally, in old age. When stop this cruelty, with death?Is it the price for the tormented to enter in the sky and the torturer threatens to hell? Dear God, I do not agree with this. There I would have preferred to have had a carefree and beautiful life. After my death, I do not need neither Heaven nor Hell. I want to have my peace and stop being forever, so I can finally rest in front of much wickedness and folly of mankind. Don’t be angry with me but I’ve had many bad experiences with my own race, even those who believe in you. Think of it.

Best regards


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