Point the Finger – this is not good enough for me

Some people are absolute specialists when it comes to discover errors. They have nothing better to do, as to set all their senses on alleged vulnerabilities. During my life, I had often to do with such fellows. They are really nags. They complain constantly, nothing is good enough and you can never make it quite to them. A typical feature of these people is that they turn on the had to teasing about the bad subjects. While they enhance himself through the elect, they turn down all the others. This compulsion is typical to distract from the issue of own weaken personality. There are often people who likes to teach others, and yes, there are often teachers. This does not mean that all teachers are so – but much of it.

What is behind this?
Some great uncertainty in normal everyday life. These people are very clumsy, have great difficulties to cope with the simplest things of the life. The best defense is attack – so they try to distract by their weakness. Unfortunately many other people suffer of their weakness, because they never give up to practice their know-it-all attitude to practice. You can not educate these nettler. The only thing that you can do is to offend them, so that they leave you alone. They may say: with such a primitive man you’re one I’m not talking more – I totally agree with them – you will get rid of these soul-armed people mainly. It is a pity, but they can not help themselves. So sorry for the poor students.

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