the life redundancy

it's all the same to me - to much
it’s all the same to me – to much

No, I don’t want to write about psychological mechanisms. More about the accumulation of useless objects, in the course of life. A lot of garbage, some valuable waste, you may not so easily throw away.

I’ve decided to dispose of the most. I need to learn yet to cry again. It is important because of the sorrow, isn’t it? Then I will run free again, such have I done as a child. It’s a pity that the crying is not so easy. We have so much garbage, so much useless stuff on our shoulders, in the cellars and attics. Let die parts of the past, you will be no longer a child. But that does not mean, that the child in you may no longer be. Cry to cope the lost of expensive useless stuff.

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