The Missing Madness

If the world’s largest power wants to fight terrorism with war, then it does right. My missing madness and I are wrong. Americans need guns and weapons – freely available of course. How do we Europeans criticize them, by what right? For goodness sake, we can’t do that! They know yet what they do, this has proved the history repeated. When have Americans with warfare committed mistakes? Never ever!!!

trust any Americans who pleads for weapons
trust any American who pleads for weapons

That is why I say – my missing madness is a serious personality disorder of mine. It is clearly a paranoid personality disorder with a pattern of distrust and suspiciousness such that other’s motives are interpreted as malevolent. It is really sick to accuse the Americans about something. Everyone has a gun at home, on arrival you will be asked out for hours what you want to do here, where you come from and where you want for how long, which purpose your travel have, who do you want to meet… all normal questions, or not? OK, this is only my paranoia, it let me feel persecuted. America is free, America is our ally even our savior. I can see it, my missing madness desperately needs a treatment. Trust any American who pleads for weapons – especially those who are multi-billionairy. It is time that we Europeans cure our personality disorder and finally become crazy to accept the best intentions, and the superiority in all areas all over the world.

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