Things of the heart

When the (still) most powerful woman in the world speaks of a decision of the heart, then the entire nation tuned a song of mourning She will perish… She will perish…

Men rejoice, women enjoy – at last the powerful woman made a serious mistake. Things of the heart are a sign of weakness. Things of the heart are not rational, are endangering the world order, lead us direct to hell. With these things, we are hit, overwhelmed and stressed. Things of the heart have not lost anything in politics, in the world of work, in the social and public society. Things of the heart not only foster fear, they also guaranteed a pandemic of panic. It is therefore better distract with applications of sex on the internet or One-Night-Stands, for not to feeling this fear. The responsible citizen needs this as a valve for his incompetence with regard to the decisions of the heart. Young people seek the delight without danger, non-union of the soul, without obligation and without heart! This helps to eliminate the dangerous suffering and the love – the weakness in us.

The (still) most powerful woman in the world has never felt me unpleasant. She seemed to me something too moderate and something too… grey. Now, as she has decided with his heart and does not kneel before the pedantic and arrogant know-it-alls, even I feel something like love for her. Never frightened me even less decisions that have been taken with all emotions and matters of the heart. These are no more defective than other rational decisions. They have only a great advantage: They are good for having been taken, since they derived from the good side of human beings. But many people have been make in the pants having feelings, they decided only in a hard rationally and without heart way. This is the less pleasant side of human beings. These also include games such as One-Night-Stands, or rather the reason of its existence. Since men and women may experience necessities  in an absolute rational form, with all the fantasies of power and perversions without any danger of falling in love and heartbreak. If it would be the task of proposing these sick games to the partner, they all would wet one’s pants. Declaring matters of the heart as a weakness banishing these behavioral repertoire, is a serious disease. Our humanity is very sick. The (still) most powerful woman in the world has done much to their own healing. Not be able to save everyone, but herself? Yes – definitely Yes!

But we must not overload us with our humanitarian feelings. YES, DEFINITELY WE MUST! We need to discover who we are: people with heart

from my childhood
… soy chiquitito como una pepita de ají, pero tengo el corazón grande para quererte a ti…

I am tiny like a nugget of Chili, but I have a big heart to love you.

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