Unwillingness to commitments

Making commitments is a basic and absolutely necessary skill for the fight to survive in human life. In our uncompromising social structure there is no another chance that make commitments. While in our relationships on a personal level we are not willing to make concessions (Divorces), the unemployment figures force us by contrast in our work.I don’t like this already. As a common employee, I arrange with chiefs idiots, as Chief with employees and more idiots owners. The topic of the daily work is so annoying. As an independent worker, you also must understand your idiots customers. I only see one opportunity to make my lack of desire for commitments.Having money! So you can do anything what you want – if you have money, and you don’t need to make these annoying commitments with any person. Yeeeeaaaa – that would be so wonderful!

Note: This article is obviously not suitable for my country of birth (Chile), as I have researched the rate of divorce in Chile is 3%. the rate of divorce in Chile is 3%. In Germany, 50%; Spain (61%), Portugal (68%), the Czech Republic (66%) and Hungary (67%). But Belgium takes the cake with a rate of 70%).
Conclusion: Chileans are world champions to make commitments or do not dare to separate;) I don’t think that my countrymen have happier marriages than in the rest of the world.

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