Why women like gay men

Sally’s statement
Better than my Friend
From experience, I can say that a gay man can be the best friend in the world. My very best friend is a man. He is as gay as a gay man can be. The big advantage is that he goes shopping with me, without thinking of having sex with me. He advises me more openly, more honestly but also more critically than a woman would ever do. This is wonderful, because we can openly express our feelings, requests, etc. from a man and a woman’s viewpoint without any fear. An example: shopping for underwear. When John (the name of my gay-friend) comments on the fit of my bra or the shape of my panties, he is the best advisor a woman could wish for. I can tell him everything, without running the risk that he wants me in bed (or somewhere else). I just trust him. It is different to my relationship with my second-best friend; she is a woman. With John, it is more intimate. I don’t know if he can teach me more about the behavior of men in general, but I know that I have a different understanding of men through the many conversations we’ve had. And I mean this in a positive way. I can only say, that it’s great that my best friend is gay, it makes him much more lovable to me. And if at this time dear John, you are reading this, let me say: I love you so much!

John’s motivation
John is not a normal gay man, and he is not able to have a regular relationship with another gay man. He is looking for women to replace his mother. He’s looking for very close and intimate ties with the female gender. His extreme dependent personality drives him to find very close relationships with women, not with men. He doesn’t feel sexually attracted to Sally because he cannot have sex with his mother whom she is replacing, not because he is a real gay. He is not able to integrate love, closeness, faith and sexuality in one single person. This inner division drives him to get into extreme emotional bonds with women. He gives himself completely up, and acts as a consultant in all life-situations and affairs. He is a woman’s perfect friend, because he gives everything and wants no sex. He is empathetic, patient, lovely, understandable and a “man”, who wants nothing?

In reality that’s not the case. Women like to think along these lines, because it helps them to oust their own disappointments with men. John uses these circumstances to win women over. He wants to be the closest emotional number one, and he wants to know all about the most intimate areas of women. He wants dependency!

It is not easy to talk about this because these people are extremely jealous. Their compliance is very low, and they feel their behavior is always in the right. Women like Sally strengthen and justify their behavior. If you criticizes them, they feel rejected, and are not able to understand that this is not against themselves. If you strive to treat all people equally, and you value gays, lesbians, heterosexuals, different religions, cultures, etc, equally, I recommend to avoid any discussions on social media or other media channels. Sensitive subjects must be handled with care, even if you feel that something is going wrong. Sally has a big problem and John too.

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