Within Our Reach

When Aristotle announced around 350 B.C.  its famous postulate: „happiness is order in the soul“ he probably benefited from his teacher Plato, who in turn was a disciple of Socrates. These philosophers of antiquity have shown us how to do – unfortunately, what we have learned from them, is not enough.

If the internal order in the soul is intact, we can define ourselves more easily. So we were able to identify with precision and easily what is good or bad, healthy or sick for us. Now they blame me a certain superficiality dicotomica, reducing the world’s soul in this point of black and white view. Where have been the grey tones, the shades from our human complexity? Are we talking about happiness here?

Not only you can experience happiness in a human life. The man is a complex being. Sexuality and the desire of personal notoriety put us on large problems to establish a fair and happy social structure. There are perpetrators and victims, poor and rich, winners and losers. Again in black and white sight? What happens with all intermediate grades, the slight grey scales?

Shades of grey
The grey tones allow us to avoid the proper order in our souls. Surely, they are the best invention of man to evade responsibility for their own situation. These shades of gray are what make our life so complicated and that they have made to our world as it is – an unfathomable complex and a swamp, which overwhelms us in rational and emotional aspect. This disorder alienates us from our fundamental values. Our reference system fails to find out what is correct, important and good for me, because we have remote billion kilometers away from our fundamental values.

The consequences
We have developed to amorphous beings We move completely without any orientation  in the gray swamp, with a sensation of numbness, helplessness and insignificance. We have lost the orientation, because we don’t know what we should do to feel happiness. Even if we don’t want to admit it, we have become more dependent and vulnerable land creatures. Among us flowers the narcissistic structure and the personality of Jesus. Both disorders are rooted deeply in deficit of self-esteem and meanwhile so often, which is perceived as a normal thing in our world.

Within our reach
Sociologists forgive me, we do not need you. What do we need, is the reflection on the basic needs of the individual. We must make sure we strengthen the self-esteem of each: „order in the soul“. If each one of us can clearly define for yourself what is correct, important and good for him, we have a great opportunity to become happiness. Probably at the beginning we will tithe to the other, if we don’t find one of our most valuable properties – love.

An example
If it could reach billions of fellow countrymen, I would ask they now to put an own example: „what you would do if you were in tune with your own“. Here’s an example…
I owe much to him. He has helped me in the past so much and I do not know I would be today without this help. I think something like a sense of gratitude, manifesting itself with something akin to „owe a lot“ there. I also feel that this obligation accompanies me all my life. This mixed feeling of gratitude and guilt overwhelms me so much. I am confused, because my gratitude is disturbed by my remorse. People ask for something from me, what I really don’t want to do it however, and I do it anyway because I feel guilty. Chiefs, parents, friends, partner – anyone asking me something, generating this unpleasant feeling. I am a dependent type. Everything is mixed in my soul and already I can not accurately distinguish if I Act of conviction, by love or guilt. I need time and space to find myself. I would like to know how to delimit me, how to achieve clarity to be able to protect myself. I want to be grateful, to be able to love wholeheartedly. But I don’t want to continue to be used and abused…

A bad example? Rather no, because I think that more than 60% of people are affected by bad conscience; one of the most popular and powerful tools of socialization in our modern society. „Happiness is order in the soul“. If I understand the partnership of the demands placed by myself with the produced affiliation, I at least have the opportunity to be able to align my behavior in the future. This is not easy and not too comfortable, of course. It costs a lot of energy and definitely changes life with high security. But it is also an opportunity to approach a little more happiness. There awaits us, is within our reach. What are you waiting for? Take the chance to become happiness!

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