You must NOT educate parents of athletes

der Traum aller ehrgeizigen Eltern - Topsportler Marino - so soll mein Kind werden
ambitious parents – top athlete – Marino Vanhoenacker – dreaming thus have to be my children to

I thought it was forever gone. What? The rage over the ambitious parents who hit their children aloud with stupid screams during competitions. This terrible thing, what I have experienced so often in tennis with my son. Angry parents who fight with their children during the competitions screaming like crazy; overly ambitious parents dragged their children from one competition to the other. If they win, they are the best kids in the world if they fail, they are invaluable. Everything turns around the children’s success. The well-being of the family depends on it, in particular of the Pope. Will have invested much time and money in the kids, dreaming about Olympic victories and World Championships…

Nicht jeder kann richtig gut sein
Not everyone can be as good athletes as Jeoffrey (marathon 2:08)

I thought it was forever gone – my rage in this respect. Unfortunately in the weekend I have let me convinced to visit a competition with young athletes. Sparing me mentioning the shouts and comments of these loving parents and coaches. My resentment has become stronger than ever. You must not educate the parents of athletes I’ve said many times to myself. Many crimes are not punishable as for example this kind of abuse of children. While this case remains, we will have to live in our society with youth overloaded athletes overwhelmed. So, I should close my mouth because it is cool as father feeling enlightened to torture their own children with excessive sports. Of course – so disturbed parents have super arguments to justify their actions: My son or daughter needs this, my son does it for himself, my son wants to have it so, my son is the best in the world… Have you ever heard about foresight and responsibility towards children? Obviously not. Continue thus horny game, the bill will be paid some day surely.

Die Freude am Sport und nicht die der Eltern sollte immer im Vordergrund bleiben.
The joy of the sport and not the parents ambitious must always be first

I find a small consolation deep in me. What I’ve seen on the weekend, literally has nothing to do with competitive sport. Coaches, parents and athletes have made a miserable picture of performance. This is the problem. They want to belong to a League that never going to achieve, to feel and behave like professional athletes.They will not achieve this ever. And why they not see this and make more cheerful events with Get2gether without stress? Because their own narcissism does not allow it. My consolation is set in the certainty that the less competitive sporting events – together instead of one against the other, with fun rather than battle, joy instead of frustration, increased in a big way. These are real athletes. I’m not against competitions – I repeat this always. For some athletes, also children, is these the right way. I am obviously against the nasty lie in the sports scene which makes sick young athletes. Dear parents – not continue to maintain the eyes and the heart closed… you don’t believe me? „Your are an idiot, in the slipstream blockhead, I’ve told you idiot thousand times, more effort – don’t sleep, what’s going on with you – are you complete silly“ ; … 15 Years old, weekly competition, training and school… You understand me now? 🙁 Dear coaches and parents. Continue dreaming about your puppies success-world, so you can continue feeling superimportantes and grandiose. The account will be paid some day. This is as certain as death itself.

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