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Horst von Bohlen

The Resilience

Resilience has become a buzzword. What does Wikipedia say about this: Resilience (from Latin resilire, ‘jumping back’, ‘bouncing off’) or mental resilience is the ability to cope with crises and use them by resorting to… Read More »The Resilience


Can we humans change? Can evil people become loving people, and a hardworking person become lazy? Are we able to leap beyond our shadow, bursting with life experiences and developing profitably? Is reliability, empathy, openness,… Read More »Changeability


I’m preparing myself for training. It’s about fear. It’s also about activity. It’s about courage. During my research, I came up with a startling development. The last time I dealt with anxiety in 2009, the… Read More »Anxiety


In life, you are pursuing goals you do not feel are unattainable. Sometimes you are bursting with self-confidence and energy, then you fret in a corner disappointed and question yourself. If so, then you are… Read More »Patience