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Can we humans change? Can evil people become loving people, and a hardworking person become lazy? Are we able to leap beyond our shadow, bursting with life experiences and developing profitably? Is reliability, empathy, openness, social compatibility learnable? Questions about questions. Many people can do that, many do not. Others were good and getting angry. Narcissists often remain trapped, learning self-assurance, skills, and becoming more powerful and wealthier in their small, needy world. Power is a big word for fussy souls. WHAT MAKES THE VALUE OF PEOPLE? I ask myself day by day. As a human, I was certainly not a good role model, and yet I try to improve myself. I find it difficult to overcome my disappointment, my anger, my failure, my mediocrity. It takes so much strength to overcome your own limits. I do it because I have always been a reasonable observer. THE VALUE OF HUMANS IS THE ABILITY TO BECOME A BETTER HUMAN, no matter how much he is punished or rewarded in his endeavor.

I fight against the forces that make me sluggish and cowardly, who want to bring me to my senses with “PASS ON WHAT YOU SAY AND FIT ON WHAT YOU ARE”. There are just too many average assholes. I do not want to stay like that. Just recently, I saw again the saying “something better than death you find everywhere” light up. That is not right. A wasted life is far worse than dying. A fulfilling life is far better than death, though not easier to accomplish.

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