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You know what? Bite me!

Ihr könnt mich mal!

You know what? Bite me!

How easy is it to get excited about an idea? Very easy. Slowly, I’m fed up. Honestly, in recent years, I have lost faith in many enthusiastic yes-sayers. They reflect the total passionate commitment, promise you with bright eyes the blue from the sky and then? Then comes very little or even nothing. All spoiled guys and women who are afraid to get their hands dirty. I prefer the honest people who openly say they do want to do nothing at all.

Meanwhile, I despise these pompous people who say, “oh yeah, great this woman who is so committed to refugees” or “cool what you do there” etc .. You know what? Bite me! Beautiful words and no deeds are disgusting. These are precisely the species that donates a few euros to reassure their conscience. I urge you to lift your butt and do something finally. And if you do not want that, then donate a lot of money.


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