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It’s autumn


It’s getting colder again. An excellent way to use this fact as an event for motivation. But why? Well – that is up to each individual. I will run consistently again. Moderate, regular, and with pleasure. I could read more again. Sometimes I miss the long walks where I can forget everything around me, gather myself to be able to cope with all the challenges that await me. Yes, and then there is the beautiful autumn light that I love to take pictures. I try to motivate myself by searching for the poetry of life. I’m looking for sources of strength that show me that life is worth living for us humans, despite all the brutal violence. Perhaps we should give our young people the task of criticizing, insulting, questioning, contradicting, and demanding more. We leave them with a damaged world, which will recover slowly. At the same time, we silently educated them by softening them. Yeah, we only wanted the best for them. We made them dependent by taking them everywhere by car. We have controlled them, trusted them to do nothing, and thus prepared for the future with little skill. I remember very well the feeling towards the adults when I was a kid. I do not want to say that everything was better then. The adults nor we were better, not even the times were better. It was different. Such comparisons for qualitative assessments are not expedient in my understanding.
But back to the fall. I take my camera now and look for poetry.

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