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Lack of reliability – no trivial offense

Reliability is often spread as a typical German behavior characteristic. This also applies to the quality of devices or machines. Latin cultures appear less reliable in this regard. Especially when it comes to meeting deadlines and promises, I will go a step further by saying that the same goes for the USA. Although I grew up in South America, I had a very German father who did not accept excuses for diminished reliability. Not like other people who, although demanding trust from their peers, did not keep their promises in any way. The memories of my childhood can distort my perception of today’s reality, but I have a simple feeling that people have changed. They have become less and less reliable.

Notoriously late!
We all know this scenario. An honest group is waiting, and a person is usually late. This is a typical characteristic of passive-aggressive people. These people have other typical characteristics, such as:

• say yes and mean no
• hide their anxieties, concerns, problems, and weaknesses
• invent excuses that nobody believes
• just pretend to do something and are neglected
• hide their true intentions and thoughts

In the years of my work, I have had a lot to do with these people. This type of aggression is devastating for daily operations because it delays and delays the productive and dynamic development of a company. It is a constant brake that converts kinetic energy into friction loss.

What to do
Of course, I’m working on solutions; that’s my purpose in life. The answer is not to appeal to the misconduct of these people to change. It is best to design the system so that passive-aggressive behavior is not possible.

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