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Normal, too fat, too thin

I am ashamed to belong to the standard weight, and I can be criticized, insult, devalue as a discriminating and sexist man without any consequences. I must not criticize too thin or too thick, and I can’t find attractive normal-weight women sexier, more appealing, and take words like overweight or obese in the mouth. I must not point out that obesity is a severe disease, and I’m not annoyed when huge fat people occupied my seat in buses, trains, or aircraft in half. So I’m almost squeezed across borders and limited in my remaining space, although I paid for it. I have to shut up and take it quietly. I also understand that I am one of the discriminating, misanthropic pigs who do not respect the actual intrinsic values ​​of people because I also pay attention to the body.

I’m sick of it all. I like thin and fat people if they are sympathetic. I also like normal-weight people if they are sensitive. I like dark-skinned people, Indians, and Asians too. But I would also like to say to everyone, if I do not like them, without being labeled as a discriminating bastard. If a good friend of mine is too fat, then I say it – and if a not so good friend of mine is too fat, then I say so too! I also say that being too thick or too thin is unhealthy and that obesity is increasing. I also say that most obese people should work on their eating habits and move more and – no, I am neither discriminatory nor racist.

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