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Not a given

Whenever I’m in Boston, I visit the Boston Common Park. That’s what I did today on my 2-hour walk. What is so special about it? To be honest, nothing. The park is beautiful and well maintained, with lots of water and beautiful trees. Especially for me, it is another fact. It is not at all self-evident that I may be here. When I was in New York at this time last year, I already had a bad time. I’m having a hard time and I was very lucky. This time has changed me, made me more modest and, above all, more reverent. Those who have dealt with life, get the opportunity to experience a different perception in everyday questions. Much becomes much clearer and more tangible, problems and relationship issues become so clear and understandable. Now I can not expect from my fellow human beings or even demand that they have similar experiences so that they finally check how we tick. Not out of goodness and arrogance, but out of deep conviction, I will not stop being patient, constantly explaining and demanding them. Life is our most precious asset. Do not make it so difficult for you and your fellow human beings, but learn how to become happier. At a time when aspiration, power, superiority and wealth are at the forefront, there are very few winners and millions of losers. It does not have to stay that way. We really can become happier. We can handle each other better. We can have better relationships with each other. We can make it easier in life. We do not do it! We do not do it because each and every one of us refuses to work. The solution does not lie with the politicians and powerful ones of this world. The solution lies in self-responsibility. It hurts to work. You just have this one life, this one chance.

Most people avoid my words, want to be away, turn away. I will continue to work patiently to explain the fear to them. Those who allow and understand fear can become courageous.

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