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We disagree on many issues, we have different points of view and different values. That is a good thing. Sometimes we get lost: with our feelings, thoughts and ways of acting. Maybe we even doubt ourselves. If, would, would I – who doesn’t know the present subjunctive. The result is constant brooding, sleepless nights and a permanent feeling of threat on the back of our necks. This scares us, makes us helpless and unable to act. Not infrequently, we feel that our existence is threatened in such situations. It is therefore understandable that we avoid such matters.

Some of us do not like it when someone refuses to talk to us who does not share our opinion. So there they are, the others who do not talk to us. They do not want to reconcile with us; perhaps they cannot. We have to respect that and accept it even if it is very difficult for us. Let’s look at it this way: this is WE, sometimes in one role, sometimes in the other. Reconciliation with both sides can only take place within ourselves. There is little point in brooding in vain and feeding anxiety for sleepless nights. We need our strength for those who talk to us, especially if they do not agree with us. We need ourselves – need to learn to talk to ourselves.

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