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Self-certainty, self-esteem, and self-confidence

If you look in German for an English translation for self-certainty, you get “self-confidence.” In English, the term self-certainty does not seem very common. I have found some articles on the difference between the two terms. But most of the time, confidence is used in this context for both meanings. Both terms are very different in a sense. Precisely the same happens in Spanish (autoconfianza). So in the translations, certainty (security) is converted into confidence. What is also exciting is that the term self-worth is translated into self-esteem in both languages. Again, value is transformed into esteem. I find these nuances fascinating, and after my post, I will certainly deal with it more closely. That certainly says something about us. I think it is not at all permissible to equate certainty with confidence and worth with esteem. Do we talk globally today, or do we misunderstand each other? I’m almost afraid that the first case will be the common cause.

Words have a big impact on us humans. I am not talking about the composition of words in complete sentences. This is a science of its own. I am only talking here about the isolated words and their meaning in the order I have chosen. Three words, three different meanings:

Self-certainty, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Why this order? Because, from my conviction, it reflects the development of a mature personality. When all three properties complement each other in a healthy balance, then you are able to trust life. First, you are certain, then you learn to build self-esteem, in order to finally be able to trust yourself. Afterward, one is armed with the necessary basic trust to possess the necessary prerequisites to lead a happy and calm life.

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