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The inglorious inventor

There was once an inventor who invented useful things all his life, but nobody wanted them. It was either too complicated things, too laborious to use, or even too strenuous to use. No matter how hard the inventor tried to become a successful inventor, he just couldn’t. Because of that, he was sad, frustrated and angry at times. But he didn’t give up. So the years went by with many inventions, useful inventions that went unused. One day the inventor fell seriously ill. This prompted him to come up with another creation. He invented a cure to prevent useful inventions. He took his treatment and stopped making valuable things. Shortly afterwards he died of his serious illness. Since he was not a successful inventor, no one took any notice of his death. His inventions were buried with him. One of them was remarkable. This was a cure that could cure his illness.

Everything you make up in your life is valuable, even if you don’t get any outside recognition for it. It’s love, passion and effort that counts. Fame for the step is only granted to a few people. Of these few, many fail because of it.

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