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We need more integrity

Sometimes, although rarely, I can’t sleep. Who doesn’t know this: an agitated feeling, as if something had disarmed you inside. This division of personality is called dissociation. When I am in this state, I have to keep thinking about my student days. I say and remember… differential equations. The derivations of different degrees are a very appropriate model of dissociation in the personality.

Psychotherapists and researchers Nijenhuis, van Hart, Steele describe the extent of dissociation depth in a three-level model:

Primary dissociation: mechanism necessary for survival.

Secondary dissociation: sequence of multiple dissociations (personality disorders).

Tertiary dissociation: fragmentation of dissociations without identity / without consciousness

In differential calculus, this corresponds to those derived from first, second and third grade in mathematics. When several derivatives appear together in an equation, the famous differential equation is discussed. It is solvable!

Since I don’t want to provide great mathematical explanations, I will save myself from giving examples here. There are countless easy to understand videos on the Internet. Therefore, I limit myself to the declaration of the result, that is, the solution of the equation. This describes where, when, and how the different equations are found. Then it is a meeting point or meeting of different divisions and, therefore, a common ground. A coincidence also means that something comes together (integrates). This also applies to personality.

By transferring these thoughts to the feeling of being agitated and unarmed, the idea helps: What do all these parts that torment me have in common, what connects them, where are they? If we solve this equation, we can strengthen our personality again to feel armed. In my opinion, personality integrity is a basic requirement for well-being. By the way, feeling good means integrity. What does Wikipedia say about this? Much Integrity is represented in many of our realities, and rightly so! Take the time to think about it; we urgently need more of this integrity.

Wikipedia: integrity

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.”
Samuel Johnson

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