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When the bee successfully fertilises the banana

Nonsense, everyone will say – how is that supposed to work? Everyday reality, I mean – otherwise we would have an easier life.

Lazy compromises are successfully made so that conflicts defeat their purpose. If the bee thinks it has to pollinate a banana, it’s because it has its reasons. The bee sits down on the yellow skin and leaves some pollen. Wonderful, the bee is happy, the banana won’t mind, no conflict arises!

Now other bees will follow suit. More and more bees will also start pollinating apples, peaches, cherries and why not a car. Wonderful, the bees are happy and the cars don’t mind, conflict is far out of sight.

But soon the blossoms will feel neglected – where are our bees? Little by little, grasses, plants and trees will die out.

Today someone is again trying to make me understand that he wants to pollinate a banana. He has good reasons for doing so, even convincing ones. Let us not shy away from conflict and argue passionately. Let’s stay on the factual level, let’s discuss rationally. Being offended means being hurt. We are all allowed to do that. We can also laugh at ourselves, even when we are ill or in a precarious situation. Humour helps us, love helps us build mutual respect. If we want to get ahead, we have to convince the bee that it would do better to pollinate a flower. This is even more true when a whole population of bees goads the bee to continue pollinating bananas.

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